About Us

82North, LLC is committed to a low-cost simplified service providing non-profits and small organizations the ability to offer secure online credit card capability for the benefit of their constituents. Our Clients are using 82North for donations, membership, reservations, enrollments and invoice payments.

82North, LLC's business is to make collecting information and running registrations for important events for organizations and small nonprofits easy, online, and completely secure. We offer a service which allows anyone to create an event online, make changes to that event, enroll people for those dates, and collect payments for the event via credit card. There is no software to install or maintain, no expensive fees. Our service is secure, easy, and friendly. Perfect for your event and the people you want to gather to it.


We believe:


The name 82North comes from a road in northern New Castle County, Delaware, on which one can experience an ease of transition and witness the beauty of nature as one progresses from the urban to the ex-urban setting.

We believe organizations large and small should be able to share that ease of transition from manually collected data to an easy-to-use formatted online web service without an exorbitant cost.

82North, LLC was formed in Delaware in 2001. It was reinvented as an enrollment destination in June, 2004.


As you contemplate using a service which presents your organization to its constituents, you should have faith and confidence in the competence of that service. Can they get the job done for you in an audit-worthy manner? Can you get them on the phone when you have questions? Are they responsive to your needs?

These are important questions, and we invite you to ask them of any of our clients. No client is "not a reference" - feel free to contact any one of them! But here are the backgrounds of the people who make the decisions:

Betsey Moran started her career in banking, moving onto Price Waterhouse in Banking Consulting and EFT Audit, then into the non-profit world. She has interfaced with computers for over 35 years (yet is still young!). She has extensive experience with the finance as well as the registration process for events and with annual giving and membership campaigns. She has 20 years fundraising experience having served on a number of non-profit boards in KY, DE and NH, chairing Finance, Development, and Event committees. Education: BS Ithaca College in Business Admin, MAS Johns Hopkins University in Information Technology. She is currently a course instructor for Online Fundraising at the Professional Leadership Institute and the Environmental Institute Management in Delaware.

Kris Younger has extensive experience working with the Internet, having done so for over 20 years. He has worked with Sun Microsystems, NeXT, and Netscape which was bought by America Online. He is currently working with Epok. We miss working with Kris on a daily basis, but know we can consult with him if necessary!

We are a couple of people who have worked for a number of profit and non-profit organizations who have had a hard time with registering people for events such as members programs, annual giving, and reserved table wanting to sit with best friends.

We recognize the need for organizations to streamline the process and to be able to take credit cards. We recognize it and solve it.


82North has partnered with a local development company, Incite Solutions, Inc (www.inciteoffice.com) to provide our customers with state of the art transaction processing at the lowest possible cost. We are large enough to provide solid robust site capability while small enough to turn on a dime when the rules change. You don't just have 82North behind you, you have a team of dedicated professionals who are working to make sure you succeed!

82North is committed to your right to a secure and smooth experience on our site.

For technical questions and site support, please contact:

Should you wish to discuss our service, please contact our team of dedicated professionals:

Street Address: 5714 Kennett Pike, Suite F, Wilmington, Delaware 19807
Telephone Number: 302-655-8952/1-800-979-0082
FAX: 866-463-7373