Why choose 82 North?
82North keeps the list for you

The database collects emails of those who have registered. You can broadcast notices, reminders, or whatever you like. Your administrators can view the donor list from any computer through our secure login capability.

PRIVACY NOTE: 82North does NOT collect email addresses nor does it send out unwanted information to your constituents. Collected emails are only for us to send a notice of payment.


Here are just a few of 82 North's features:

With NO set-up fee and NO per transaction charge from 82north for any 82North service you get:

Additional services we offer:

Are you large enough for your own website collection but don't want to spend $$$$ on the software? License 82North!


82North can provide the straight 5K registration at a lower cost than others. Active.com costs 5% + $1.25 per registrant; FirstGiving charges 5% + 2.35% (7.35%). With your merchant account costing 2.19%, you get the funds directly, your runners see your name on their credit card statement (instead of Active or FirstGiving) and you pay 82North $1 per head.


Teams can dramatically increase your yield. One client ran a straight 5K for several years, then setup 82North Road Rally/TEAM competition. Their yields each year? $30,000 in the year without Teams, $70,000 the first year with Teams, and $114,000 NET with Teams in the second year. $114,000 in a year when most funding sources are yielding far lower than previous years.

Can you afford NOT to have 82North Road Rally?


All reports are available in CSV format, thus are easily imported into your donor/membership software as well as into any email mass marketing solution!