82North has been honored to serve the clients you've read about on this site. Some of our clients have even sent us nice letters:

I just know we've been awfully needy this first year... That says to me what I already knew...you make it happen for your clients.

Appreciate you!


Daniel Palmer
Director of Development, Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary
Wake Forest, North Carolina

Thanks for the advice. BTW people love signing up online and it makes my life much simpler, a win/win!

Dori Carson
Office Manager, Southern Chester County Chamber of Commerce

I see you all over the place for different events and things. I think it is a great service you offer to non profits.

They need all the help they can get and your company makes it very easy to allow online donations: Good job.


Jamie Walker
Systems Administrator
Aloysius Butler & Clark

THANK YOU SO MUCH! You did in a few days what other folks were (supposedly) working on for weeks. I can’t thank you enough for your help.

Alexis Andrianopoulos
Boys & Girls Clubs of Delaware
for their voting site for the Wacky Chair Contest and the Ellen DeGeneres Show tickets

"Can't wait to get rid of Pay Pal! Yahoooooo!"

Kay Preston
SOAR, Inc.
405 Foulk Rd
Wilmington DE 19803
Ph: 302.521.3574

You can't imagine how lucky we feel to have 82North as a resource. It was certainly a wise investment! As you can see, we have used it beyond our original intentions. Thank you so much!

Stephanie Ferrell
Connecting Generations

Customer service is fabulous (a huge plus in my book - I'm a real stickler for that) and the fees are unbelievable. I believe AEA's contract for 1 year is $150, and that will now include a one-time dedicated on-line link for our Investors In Education Campaign which will launch in a few weeks. They will manage all of the money coming in from that campaign and provide us with detailed donor reports. A great resource to keep in mind and recommend to our clients.

Donna Harley
Bloom Consulting

Absolutely perfect! Great job.

Jane Castle, working on E-Racing the Blues with the Mental Health Association in Delaware

You are amazing! I wish I had that talent for technology. In that case, it would be great to have the cash, check and charge payment options and then we don’t have to recreate the reports by pulling info from two different areas. This is great. I will be showing this to the group at St. Mary Magdalen this weekend. If they have any questions, you can be sure that I will be emailing you on Monday.

Thank you so much!


Thank you so much!!!! You made our life so much easier the night of the auction. We will be calling you again!

Sincerely, Megan

Megan Reardon
St. Mary Magdalen parents association

Thanks so much for your time today- so glad we subscribed with 82North!

Gwen Lacy
Kennett Township Land Trust